About Jali Group

Jali Group is a holding firm consisting of three subsidiary companies that offer a range of finance-related services in Rwanda. Our oldest company is 8 years old now. We started very small but allowed our dreams to fly higher. These companies are: Jali Finance, Jali Partners, and AWO Partners.


All our subsidiary companies work at the same place and this makes Jali Group a one stop destination for finance, accounting, tax advisory, and auditing services in Rwanda. You do not need to wander around the city looking for these services. Just visit Jali Group and you will get all you need.

Our Subsidiaries


Jali Partners is our accounting and one of the most digitalized accounting firms in Rwanda. Under this firm, we offer a wide range of accounting services. The firm also offers tax advisory, financial management services, and more related servies.

AWO Partners

AWO Partners is our subsidiary company the offers only auditing services. Our auditing team consists of very experienced certified public accountants who ensure that you understand every number in your finances.


Jali Finance is a financial institution in Rwanda and one of the fastest growing financial institutions. Under this firm we offer finance leasing services with a main focus on leasing electric bikes.